Arti Strand

HQ Company

Artie Strand was not a member of the Headquarters Company, he was a Corporal in H Company 2nd Battalion, but he went through boot camp with and was friends with many members of the HQ Co. He went to Camp Legune with the group of men who would ultimately make up the 24th Regiment.

Arti, Leon Padelskas, & Harold Franck were in LCV (P) 4-2 on the landing on Iwo Jima.

Brownie Wrone (Co F) remembers that Artie used to play the piano at the USO and everyone would sing along.

We have a variety of pictures of Arti Strand from PI to Maui. There are many with Arti and Leon Padelskas on liberty in California along with Leon's sister Agnes Padelskas.

Check out the "pre-Iwo" inspection picture.



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