Personal Stories

We are trying to gather as many personal stories from the men who served with HQ Company, 2nd Battalion. Unfortunatally it is getting harder each day as the men pass away.

We have a great resource wiith letters that Leon Padelskas wrote, almost daily, to his sister Agnes Padelskas. She took each letter, glued the envelope into a scrapbook and put the letter back into the envelope. The first letter in on the Parris Island page of this website. There are letters and V-mail through each of the following 3 years, ending with his last letter on the day he was discharged home. We are currently working on digitizing all the letters and will be publishing them in a book at a later date.

Several of Leon's stories are related on other pages on this website, the following stories were gleaned from his letters home to his sister. Naturally due to wartime censorship many details could not be written, and the letters tend to be not so much about the war but a lifeline to his former and future life. The letters document the growing up he did while in the Corps

If you have any letters or stories from the men of HQ-2-24 or of the Second Battalion we would love to hear from you use our contact page.


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