Parris Island is the Marines first exposure to the Corps. It has a mystique all its own. The men of HQ-2-24 all started here at Parris Island. They came from different places and backgrounds but all ended up here in this one place. They would go through PI at different times and get to HQ-2-24 different ways, but they would all have their first introduction to the Corps here in a place they would never forget.

We have a slide show as well as some letters home from PI.

 The pictures in the slide show below were taken by Leon Padelskas and members of Recruit Platoon 1034 December 1942 to March 1943

The letter below was written by Leon Padelskas to his sister on his second day at Parris Island. He talks about the train trip to PI and what his days are like and what he thinks is going to happen.

Click on the thumbnail to read the letter.

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A rare boot platoon photo
Platoon 333 June 1942

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