Lieutenant James A Granier        

Bronze Star 

 Purple Heart


James Albert Granier was the first CO of the Headquarters Company 2nd Battalion 24th Marines.

Lieutenant Granier won the Bronze Star and Purple Heart posthumously

He was killed in action during the battle of Tinian.

James was born Feb 8 1914 in Havre Montana. He attended Havre High School, during high school he played the violin, acted in the senior class play "The Boomerang", played football for the high school team. He graduated Havre High School in 1931 and then attended Northern Montana College.

He is listed as one of the authors of "A Bibliography of Latin-American Bibliographies" by C K Jones and James A Granier, reviewed in "The Hispanic American Historical Review" Vol 23, No. 3 (Aug 1943), pp. 530-531

He is listed in "The Library of Congress: The Art and Architectre of Thomas Jefferson" by John Young Cole, Henry Hope Reed, and Herbert Small, on Page 108 in the "Handbook of the New Library of Congress" chapter by Herbert Small, as having given his life for his country.

Recently I asked Colonel Richard Rothwell about Lieutenant Granier he graciously wrote me a letter in which gave a wonderful eulogy of Lt Granier

"1st Lt James Granier, USMCR - All who had any dealings or contact with Jim Granier liked him. Those of us who knew him well took it "hard" upon hearing of his being KIA. Jim seemed to me most mature for his rank and very adept professionally. Socially he was a good friend to all who knew him. I particularly  remember the grief of the Bn Sgt Major in exporessing to me in Maui, after returning from Tinian, his sad feelings with tears, about "Lt Granier not being with us any more" and adding that "Lt Granier had been the finest person he had ever known in the service and in civilian life" Sgt Maj Walton and Lt Granier worked closely in their respective jobs as "Bn-1" and "Bn Sgt Maj" day after day. To the best of my knowledge, I recall that he was newly married. The Bronze Star was posthumous. Was killed during the first few hours during the landiing on Tinian.

Below are several pictures my Dad took of Lieutenant Granier his company commander.

 We are looking for more information on Lieutenant Granier, if you have any information please contact us via the contact page.


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