Here is where we will be picturing various items, such as matchbooks, k-bars, souvineer's etc that were given or loaned or pictures provided, to us. On the subpages under Memorabilia are various items that have been provided to us.

All the Memorabilia on this page is from Sgt Leon Padell HQ224

           Here are 2 matchbooks from Camp Pendleton in 1943



.Sgt Leon Padell 782 Gear

                                               Upper pack     


                                                 Lower pack



Leon Padelskas dogtag  Leon Padelskas Overseas Cap       Leon's Messkit


Leon Padelskas Sergeant Stripes


Leon Padelskas KaBar fighting knife he carried throughout the war, a interesting note is that the Camillius knife is marked USN Mark II. I thought all Marines carried USMC KaBar's but his is marked USN.


Leon Padelskas USMC belt, not his Sam Browne but khaki.

Various Souvineers

Shells and Clips M1 Garand                     Japanese Shell picked up on Iwo Jima


Japanese Marine Cap Picked up on Iwo Jima by Leon Padelskas


Japanese Bayonet picked up on Saipan by Leon Padelskas



               524 Canteen                                     Cartridge Belt

  25th Reg 2 Bn H Co (?)




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