We are looking for photo's and memorbelia and memories and ribbons from the various 4th Marine Reunions. If you have anything you think may be of interest, please go to the Contact page and drop us a line.

Here are two ribbons from 4th Division Reunions

Portland Maine             Orlando Florida


IWO JIMA 50th Anniversary Commemoration
February 19, 1995
Marine Corps War Memorial
Washington, D.C.

Washington DC 1960

All reunions were not organized Divisional affairs often they are just a group of Marine buddies getting together to reminisce, socalize, or often to help each other out. These "mini-reunions" are what Semper Fi is all about.

. Leon Padell, Ben Bradshaw and Jack Hare, and their wives, often got together for all three reasons. Here on the sub-pages are a couple of these "mini-reunions".


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