Saipan Today


Saipan is the largest island and capital of the United States Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Isands, a chain of 15 islands including Tinian, belonging to the Marianas archipelago in the western Pacific Ocean. In 2000 there was a total population of 62,932.

Saipan has recovered from to become a tourist destination as well as a major garment manufacturing center. Undeveloped areas on the island are covered with sword grass meadows and dense, dry-forest jungle known as Tangan-Tangan.

There is still many relics of the war in evidence as show by the pictures below. The photographs below are courtesy of Harlan Glenn


 Banzai Beach looking toward Marpi Point and Jap Barge        Japanese Observation Point


   Unexploded 500 lb US bomb         Japanese Coastal Gun     US helmet with bullet hole


Japanese coastal gun magazine  Japanese coastal gun position  jungle overtakes gun position


             Japanese live type 97 handgrenades         Japanese live Img magazine


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