Iwo Jima Today

Official US Navy Photograph

Iwo Jima, just the name invokes memories of one of the Marines greatest battles. It is the only battle that the US casualties exceeded the Japanese casualties. 1/3 of all the Marines killed in the Pacific died at Iwo Jima. My dad Sgt. Leon Padell fought all 36 days on Iwo Jima.

Today Iwo Jima has returned to the state that it had before the war. Vegetation has returned to hide the scars on the island, but traces still remain.

The pictures below of Iwo Jima were taken by Harlan Glenn during several trips to the island. He has graciously allowed us to use them on our website. The photographs may not be reproduced, copied or used without permission from Harlan Glenn


Photos above and below Courtesy of Harlan Glenn






We would like to say a special "oohrah" and give a special nod of thanks to SgtMaj. Robert E. Mastriano, without his help Harlan would not have been able to make the trip to Iwo Jima.