Joe Richard

E Company and H Company

Joe Richard remembers the trip from Camp Lejune to Camp Pendleton.

The trip from Camp Lejeune to Camp Pendleton,
was SUPER. As I remember, it was a 5 or 6 days travel. The train took a zig zag pattern across the country to avoid any threats of sabotage. We had first class accommodations, with Pullman sleeper coaches, full dinning car meals, and full porter service in the sleepers. And upon arriving at the train station in California, we were treated to a fine dinner at a large restaurant at the station,
before embarking on our final leg of the trip to Camp Pendleton. Remembered as a fine experience.

Joe remembers the D-Days the 4th Marine Division participated in: D-Days, I am sure we had to be somewhat scared. No matter how many times you did these landings the feeling was always the same.

Semper Fi

Joe provided this great newspaper clipping of the Division on the trip home to the USA

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