Jack Hare

HQ 2nd Bn. 24th Marines, 4th Mar. Div.

August 26, 1942 to November 15, 1945


This was on Saipan on a LCVP landing craft with a boat load of ammo trying to get ashore. The rendezvous commander didn't give us the ok to go in until later due to the type of cargo.

After landing I started back to my outfit. As it got dark I looked for a place to sack in. I came upon an empty Japanese hut with roof and dirt floor. Made up a bed, put four posts in the ground and used my mosquito net.

About 0200 I got kicked in the head and when I looked through the net, two eyes were looking down at me and I thought "this is the way I go out". In the same breath I'm thinking I can't get my M-1 out of the net but had a flashlight on my left side. I figured if I could blind him with the light I might have a chance with the guy. When the light hit his eyes, I met my enemy. It was a goat!

Funny now but not then.

John J. Hare