Various pictures from Leon Padelskas

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       Sgt Major T.E. Walton Jr            Back row WC Smithey, BC Lee JA Gillen LM Padell BM Wrona

            in front of his tent                       Front Row            TE Walton    Lt JA Granier


The H Co. gang Arti Strand at Wheel                               H Co gang  Arti Strand in back seat


   Jeep at Camp Maui Front Seat Sgt Maj T.E. Walton 2nd Lt Granier

Back Seat  Pfc Brownie Wrona  Pct Jim Gillen  Pfc B. Lee   Sgt  Leon Padelskas


Liberty Waikiki Arti Strand  Waikiki Leon Padelskas Arti Strand   Waikiki USO ?? Wrona Padelskas Strand


Camp Lejune ?? & Leon                After Iwo Arti Strand ?? ?? &         Arti Strand Pre Iwo inspection

Padelskas outside Sgt Maj Office                 Leon Padelskas               


Leon Padelskas Pre Iwo Insp        Leon Padelskas Rifle Range       Marines will be Marines


Parris Island before going to the 24th                             Parris Island Rifle Range


          Obstacle Course on Sunday                                   PI Rifle Range


                         Men of the 24th Regiment, may be post Iwo Jima

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