Marine Family

The Rothwells were a typical Marine Corps family of their era-the dedicated wife keeping things together at home and watching the children at home during periods of overseas deployment and combat.

The role of the war time wife at home then (as now) was an indispensable boost to the serviceman's morale and to the war effort.

 Annals of U S History would be incomplete without prominent recognition of this major part of our effort in the time of war. Mrs. Rothwell typified the average Marine Corps wife of our time-a ready volunteer and a steady volunteer for activities, particularly assisting Marine Corps families in need such as Navy -Marine Corps Relief Society and Marine Corps Base Thrift Shops. Many volunteer hours were also spent in helping out at Base hospital wards.

The volunteer network and closeness on base (for the Rothwell's, Quantico particularly) fostered many life-long friendships spanning over seventy years. Our friendship with our contemporaries carried over to the children. To this day they periodically hold "Quantico Reunions".

Marine Family: Sons, Richard B. Rothwell and Charles J. Rothwell

As mentioned in my career synopsis, both Rothwell sons became Marines. Richard B. born in Olongopo in 1940 retired from the USMC in 1990. Charles J., born in San Diego in 1944, left the Marine Corps with the rank of Captain to pursue a civilian career in 1971.

Col. Richard B. Rothwell entered the Marine Corps upon graduation from the US Naval Academy in 1961. A career infantry officer, he commanded infantry units at the platoon, company, battalion (2) and regimental levels. He became C.O. 5th Marines Rgt. thirty years after his father had held the same command, using the same office then in Camp Margareta, Camp Pendleton . He had two tours in Vietnam. On the first tour he received one Bronze Star w/ combat "V" for valor and one Purple Heart Medal for severe wounds sustained in his right hand as a company commander of K/3/1 for action in what was then Quang Nam Provence, RVN (near DaNang). Second tour he received two Bronze Stars w/combat "V" and one Purple Heart Medal for head (scalp) wounds from an enemy mortar burst as an advisor to Vietnamese Marines in Quang Tri Provence, RVN.

 In addition to the 5thMarines, he commanded 3d Bn, 5" Marines and Headquarters Bn, 3d FSSG. In the latter post he was also Camp Commander of Camp Kinser, one of the major Marine Corps Camps on Okinawa.

He received his Master of Science (MS) Degree Management, U.S. Naval Postgraduate School, 1968. In 1982 he received his MS (equivalent) Top Management, U.S. Naval War College.

At present (2010) Richard B (Dick) is President of the Camp Pendleton Historical Society (CPHS).The Society was founded by him and Col Jim Williams who also served at Camp Pendleton. CPHS is dedicated to supporting Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton historical programs including significant sites and museums. Web site:

Charles J. while a student at Virginia Military Institute (VMI) entered the Marine Corp Platoon Leaders Program .Upon graduation from VMI in 1966 was commissioned a 2d Lt. USMCR .Soon after graduation from VMI received his Masters Degree (MBA) from the University of Maryland . He left the Marine Corps in 1971with the rank of Captain He worked in a civilian capacity in public health in State and Federal government with a short stint in working on Capitol Hill for Senator Lieberman. Charles J. is currently (2010)) Director, Vital Statistics, U.S.